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Education, Conscience, and the Tai Ji Men Case

Education, Conscience, and the Tai Ji Men Case

French sociologist Émile Durkheim founded Sociology of Education but was uncertain about how to solve the modern educational crisis. The key is conscience, but those who advocate for conscience education are often persecuted.

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Calling for a Solution of the Tai Ji Men Case

We join Tai Ji Men in respectfully asking the government of Taiwan, whose commitment to democracy in a region plagued by non-democratic regimes we appreciate and applaud, to return through a political act the confiscated sacred land to Tai Ji Men and publicly confirm that, as Taiwan’s Supreme Court stated, they never violated the law nor evaded taxes.

It would be a small step for Taiwan’s government, but a crucial one to tell the world Taiwan is truly committed to freedom of religion or belief and to the protection of religious and spiritual minorities that were once persecuted by its authoritarian and post-authoritarian regimes.


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“The Tai Ji Men Case” web site is a project by Action Alliance to Redress 1219 whose aim is to collect and put at the readers’ easy disposal articles, documents, and videos—from academic studies to magazine articles—about the case of Tai Ji Men, a mempai (similar to a school) of qigong, martial arts, and self-cultivation headquartered in Taiwan, which has been victim of discrimination and persecution in its home country since 1996, and whose street protests have generated widespread international protests. Here you can find an exhaustive chronology of the case.

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